Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Crushed Citrus Oils, and Infused Oils


Rosemary Infused OilsBasil Infused OilsGarlic Infused OilsInfused Oils: Rosemary, Basil, and Garlic: Each of these infused oils is wrapped in lemon cloth and soaked with fresh late harvest Mission EVOO for 2-3 weeks, and have a wide variety of stunning applications. The Basil oil is a superb embellishment to simple summer tomatoes and goat cheese; sautéed shrimp with garlic cloves; seared Ahi Tuna; grilled bruschetta with red and yellow peppers, gorgonzola cheese and drizzled with Basil oil. The Rosemary oil easily compliments roasted potatoes with baked garlic chicken; pork tenderloin with polenta; duck breasts with mixed vegetables. The Garlic Oil works wonders drizzled on fresh caught King salmon and mashed potatoes; grilled lamb chops with mint and wild rice; and a Mediterranean veggies over linguini pasta and goat cheese.

Extra Virgin Olive OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil: Late Harvest Mission Blend, harvested in mid-January. Nice fruity nose of fresh olives that gives way to mid-palate roundness and smoothness with a gentle hint of pepper…a truly smooth “1 cough” oil. Well suited oil for everyday use and all vinegars.

Crushed Meyer Lemon Oil Crushed Meyer Lemon Oil: Fresh California Meyer lemons crushed with late harvest Norcal Mission olives. A beautifully balanced lemony olive oil that doesn’t overwhelm your senses, but yet compliments food exceptionally well. Use with Champagne vinegar & Dijon mustard in fowl, fish, & salads.

Crushed Blood Orange OilCrushed Blood Orange Oil: Fresh California Blood oranges crushed with late harvest Norcal Mission olives. We’re thinking roasted beet salad; oven roasted asparagus, ricotta cheese pasta with kalamata olives; baked chicken, dates, apples, & apricots; risotto with wild rice.

Persian Lime OilCrushed Persian Lime Oil: Fresh Persian Limes crushed with late harvest Norcal Mission olives. Envision a chile roasted turkey with chorizo corn bread stuffing; black bean tapenade, ginger, and garlic; a summer favorite of fresh from the garden corn on the cob, slathered in lime oil, coarse sea salt baked on the grill with husks attached!

Vinegars (all Sonoma-sourced, non-GMO, gluten free and certified organic):


Cabernet VinegarCabernet: A perfect combination with our Late Harvest Mission EVOO for use on classic salads and especially perfect for meat marinades using soy sauce, red wine, & EVOO. Refrigerate all day and grill 8 hours later. Delicious! Ingredients: Cabernet vinegar, Cherry juice; 5 calories/serving, 1 gram carbs & sugar.

California Balsamic Vinegar.California Balsamic: A distinct sweet & sour flavor prized by foodies and chefs alike. Great with salads and our Late Harvest Mission EVOO. Use as a sensational marinade when mixed with Dijon mustard or use with fish on the grill instead of lemon. Ingredients: 100% Balsamic Vinegar; 15 calories/serving, 3 grams carbs & sugar.

Golden Balsamic Vinegar Golden Balsamic: Perfect for uses in salads and other marinades when the color of the white sauces will not be affected by the dark brown color of traditional balsamic vinegar. Use with our Sonoma-sourced Tuscan blend EVOO for a zingy vinaigrette. Ingredients: 100% Golden Balsamic Vinegar; 15 calories/serving, 3 grams carbs & sugar.

Pear Champagne VinegarPear Champagne: Create an exciting taste that adds zestiness to the plainest of salads with this vinegar. The pear component & EVOO compliments a marinade for chicken or veggies. Thinking of an oriental salad? Use with sesame oil and soy sauce to kick it up a notch! Ingredients: 15 calories/serving, 3 grams carbs & sugar.

Pomegranate Vinegar Pomegranate Blasamic: Grilled pork and beef marinade, EVOO, & minced garlic sounds great with this vinegar for your summer BBQ’s. Pairs well with Meyer Lemon oil to create an exciting salad vinaigrette. Ingredients: Champagne vinegar, grape juice, & pomegranate juice; 10 calories/serving, 3 grams carbs & sugar.

Mission Fig Vinegar Mission Fig: A rock star in it’s own right, this bit of “figgy pudding” in a bottle pairs exceptionally well with Meyer Lemon oil for use in salads topped with crumbled bleu cheese. A great meat or pork marinade in its own right, or just drizzle over a cracker with any soft cheese. Ingredients: Red wine vinegar, grape juice, & Mission fig paste; 15 calories/serving, 3 grams carbs & sugar.

Black CurrantBlack Currant: A special blend of fruity goodness that highlights every fruit salad imaginable. A great marinade for pork chops or tenderloin; Think of drizzling with late harvest mission EVOO and a Point Reyes bleu…a mouth-watering combination. Ingredients: Champagne vinegar base, grape juice, & black currant juice; 258 calories total, 3 grams carbs & sugars.